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London Sports Guards

Guards, Bite Appliances

Whether playing a sport or sleeping, your teeth could be in danger. Sport injuries can traumatize teeth and nighttime clenching or grinding can cause serious problems that guards or appliances can prevent.

Sports Guards

A sports guard protects your teeth from damage from injuries while playing contact sports. It only takes an instant to damage or possibly lose teeth which could result in expensive treatment to fix or replace them. A sports guard removes the worry and allows you to enjoy your favourite sport. Our custom lab fabricated guards provide the ultimate protection and come in a variety of colours.

Bite Appliances

Nighttime grinding (bruxing) or clenching is one of the top ways teeth become damaged. A properly prepared bite appliance put in before sleep allows the wearer to enjoy a good night's sleep without damaging their teeth. While you are asleep, you can be clenching or grinding for hours, causing damage to your teeth, gums and temporal mandibular joints (TMJ). Over time, your teeth may become shorter and shorter which may not only detract from their appearance but change the way you bite, leading to joint dysfunction. Clenching can cause gum recession and sensitive teeth as well as stress the muscle and joints. A nighttime guard is like putting on a great pair of running shoes before jogging—cushioning the stress while you sleep.

Are your teeth showing signs of wear? If the edge of your teeth are flat and even (like you filed the edges down to all the same length) you’re grinding! Dentistry 390 is here to help you protect your teeth for a lifetime.

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