Dental Hygienist | Dentistry 390

Dental Hygienist

Permanent part-time position
Thursday 2-8

Congratulations to Sue on her retirement. We will miss hearing Sue’s infectious laugh every day as she starts this new phase in her life.

Who Are You?

You are the right combination of professionalism, experience, passion, and fun. You know how to prioritize, take initiative, and embrace learning. You get great satisfaction in knowing you have surpassed expectations and pushed yourself to always be better. You love to talk to your patients in such a way that creates value, reflects empathy, and offers a unique experience. Supporting your community as well as your team is essential to you. You thrive working in and sustaining a dental environment that is modern, organized, professional and enjoyable.

As a dental hygienist, you long to use your skills to their fullest potential. Educating and managing your patients in their treatment options and directing them to overall health solutions is your dream job. You are eager to work with and be supported by an amazing team of doctors, hygienists, assistants, receptionists, and office manager.

Here’s how our dental hygienists describe their role at Dentistry 390:

“I love working at Dentistry 390 because I have autonomy and use all my skills. I have the opportunity to decide how a patient is booked and what treatment is done using the latest techniques and equipment (Diode laser, Arestin™, Periostat™, intraoral cameras and digital radiography). The team is friendly, helpful and fun to work with and we have a great patient base that look forward to seeing us. Dr. Tom and Dr. Lori are strong advocates for continuing education.”
“I love working where I can work independently in an office that is clean, inviting, warm and friendly. It’s a fun environment too! Continuing education is encouraged and I can use alternative treatments such as laser- assisted bacterial reduction.”

We would like to extend this opportunity to any dental hygienist who meets the proposed job description below to apply for this part-time permanent position.

Success in this role requires the following skills, knowledge and competencies:

  • Registration with the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario
  • Laser certified
  • Passion for improving patients’ health and lives through excellent hygiene skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Excellent customer service
  • Intuitive team support
  • Elevated organizational skills
  • Comprehensive understanding of dental procedures
  • Initiative to plan the patient’s ongoing periodontal care and treatment plan
  • Love of learning

In fulfilling your role, you will be:
Building and developing relationships by:

  • concerned and caring listening,
  • creating a personal connection with patients
  • effectively communicating and monitoring patient’s recommended treatment
  • providing customized treatment to each patient using all your skills
  • Exercising your full potential by taking initiative
  • Recognizing and utilizing every learning opportunity
  • Actively participating in Team Events/Seminars/Courses/Conventions

If our practice harmonizes with your goals, please send your cover letter telling us why you believe you would be a good fit for Dentistry 390 along with your resume to