Full-time Dental Assistant (Certified Level II)

Monday 8-5, Tuesday 8-5, Wednesday 8-6, and Thursday 8-8

A unique opportunity is available at Dentistry 390 for a full-time Level II Dental Assistant.

Is your idea of fun watching surgical procedures on YouTube while your friends cover their eyes? Are you a “fixer”? Do your friends come to you when they find themselves in need? Does it make you smile when a person’s dental health is restored and they can smile and eat easily?

Is taking initiative one of your strengths? Are change and growth necessary for you to thrive?

Does the idea of jumping in and answering the phone give you a thrill? Are you someone who seeks opportunities to become indispensable, do you enjoy variety? Have you perfected your communication and social skills? Do you envision opportunities to utilize them? Are you someone who likes to find creative ways to go above and beyond helping people?

Do you get satisfaction at the end of the day knowing you and the team have done all you can to pull together to turn a frenzied day into something spectacular? Do you appreciate celebrating as a team?

The purpose of this role is to connect with Dentistry 390’s patients by assisting, by communicating recommended treatment plans and by collaborating with our team so that every patient’s encounter with Dentistry 390 is enhanced.

Success in this role requires the following skills, knowledge and competencies:

  • Passion for improving patients’ health and lives
  • Level II certified Dental Assisting
  • Keen interest in oral surgery and implants
  • Effective communication skills
  • Excellent customer service
  • Intuitive team support
  • Elevated organizational skills
  • Adaptable to changes in schedule or procedures

In fulfilling your role, you will be:
Building and developing relationships by:

  • Concerned and caring listening,
  • Creating a personal connection with patients
  • Contacting patients over the phone
  • Effectively communicating and monitoring patient’s recommended treatment
  • Assisting the patients with their administrative requirements
  • Exercising your full potential by taking initiative
  • Recognizing and utilizing every learning opportunity
  • Actively participating in Team Events/Seminars/Courses/Conventions

If our practice harmonizes with your goals, please send your cover letter telling us why you believe you would be a good fit for Dentistry 390 along with your resume to janet@dentistry390.com